Since the 1973 Supreme Court decision which legalized abortion on demand, almost every woman with an unwanted pregnancy is faced with the option of abortion.  Nationally nearly 46 million abortions have been performed since 1973, with one-third of all pregnancies now ending in abortion.  As Christians, we feel that we have a threefold responsibility to the unborn child, to the woman, and to the society that embraces abortion as a way of life.
Our concern for the unborn child arises from the knowledge that all of the Biblical and scientific evidences point to the fact that human life begins at conception and that each fetus being “terminated” is a unique individual made in the image of God.

These are a few facts about the fetus:

  1. At conception, the embryo possesses all of the characteristics of a living organism (biologically).
  2. At 18 to 25 days the heart begins to beat.
  3. At 6 weeks brain waves can be recorded and the fetus is able to feel pain.
  4. At 8 weeks, the limbs, organs, and skeletal structure are all in place.  Fingerprints are also present.

Throughout Scripture, there is evidence that God views the developing fetus as human life.  Job, Jeremiah, David, and Paul all speak of God working in their lives while they were in the womb.  God also commands his people to protect innocent life and to maintain justice for the weak and needy.  the York Crisis Pregnancy Center exists to fulfill this command to “Deliver those who are being taken away to death.”  (Proverbs 24:11)
We are equally concerned for the women who are confronted with abortion as a solution to their very real problems.  They are in crisis–filled with apprehension, guilt, ambivalent feelings about the pregnancy and they often see abortion as the only solution.  They may be pressured by family, friends, or health professionals into making a “choice” that they really don’t want. These women need someone to listen to them, to give them accurate information, and to offer a helping hand through the crisis.  We feel that it is essential that women be informed of the devastating physical, emotional, and spiritual consequences of abortion.

Nationwide CPC’s  have seen the following:

  1. Very few women are warned by doctors or clinics of the risks of abortion or of the intense physical pain they may feel.
  2. There may be immediate complications such as hemorrhaging or perforations of the uterus or later complications such as blocked fallopian tubes that can affect future pregnancies.
  3. Many women experience sleeplessness, nightmares, depression, guilt, lack of libido, and other psychological problems as a result of abortion.
  4. 30% of all women who abort are pregnant within one year, not because their circumstances have improved, but because they feel compelled to replace the child they have lost.

If we believe that abortion is wrong, we are under obligation to reach out to women with crisis pregnancies and help them to avoid the tragedy of abortion.
Our final concern is for our society, which is becoming more and more schizophrenic in its attitude toward human life.  The increased incidences of child abuse and infanticide, the use of fetuses for medical research or commercial purposes, the subtle pressure being exerted upon women to abort if they are in less than perfect circumstances, are all reasons for deep concern.  It is abominable to God when human life is equated with economic value.  The York Crisis Pregnancy Center exists to inform and educate the public about abortion and the surrounding issues.

We are a locally organized and funded ministry which provides alternatives to abortion.  The YCPC ministry takes seriously the challenge of Matthew 25:31-46 to reach out to those in distress with acts of mercy and compassion.  It brings the resources of the local church and the community to bear upon the problems faced by the pregnant woman.  The YCPC is governed by a local board of directors, representing a variety of evangelical churches.  The executive director supervises a staff of trained volunteers, all of whom are believers.  Thus at all levels the YCPC is first and foremost Christians demonstrating the love of Jesus Christ to women in crisis because of pregnancy.
The YCPC serves the entire community, regardless of race, creed, nationality, age, or marital status.  Our services are confidential.  Whenever possible, we attempt to reach out to the families and fathers involved.

All of our services are free of charge.  They include:

  1. A convenient  York location.
  2. 24 hour hotline (362-CARE).
  3. Free pregnancy testing.
  4. Information about pregnancy, abortion, and alternatives.
  5. Referrals to pastors, local churches and Christian counseling services.
  6. Referrals for medical care, social services, legal aid, and job placement.
  7. Referrals for adoption or foster care.
  8. Free clothing and other items for mother and baby.
  9. An Earn While You Learn program for earning baby furnishings,  new baby clothing and other baby supplies.
  10. Ongoing support and friendship
  11. Help for the woman who’s had an abortion.

The York Crisis Pregnancy Center is an outreach by Biblical Christians to women in the greater York community with crisis pregnancies.  We offer compassionate concern and action.  We try to provide whatever forms of support may be necessary to enable a woman to carry her child to term and plan constructively for her future.
We are committed to creating an awareness within the York community of the pressures facing women with crisis pregnancies.  We do not lecture and we do not judge.  We do counsel that abortion compounds rather than solving the problems associated with crisis pregnancies.  Therefore we do not advise, provide or refer for abortion.

The YCPC is committed to meeting the needs of the whole person.  Each individual who seeks our help has physical, emotional and spiritual needs, and we attempt to minister to them with sensitivity.  The good news of salvation is shared as the Lord gives volunteers the opportunity through their relationships with the women who call or come in for help.  We have found that the Lord uses both our words and our deeds to show His love to needy people.

“Churches and other groups opposed to abortion must be prepared to extend practical help to…the unmarried woman who is pregnant…Merely to say…you must not have an abortion without being ready to involve ourselves in the problem, is another way of being inhuman.”